03 March 2012

Beyond the 3R's

Last week the librarian at my school and I lead a professional development session on new literacies in the 21st century.  My school has been focusing on the theme of literacy for the past year and we wanted to make sure that we have a broad definition of what literacy means today.  We discussed how it is no longer enough for our students to have the basic skills or reading and writing in an age of digital media, on-demand audio and video, and social networking.  In addition to discussing the philosophical and pedagogical aspects, we gave some practical ideas about using applications such as Evernote, VoiceThread, Dropbox, and Edmodo to foster 21st centuries literacies.

All in all, the session went well and gave our teachers many new things to think about.  Below is a short introductory video I created for the beginning of the session using Explain Everything on my iPad.


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