23 December 2011

The iPad as Primary Educational Computer (intro)

So, list me amongst the converted.

A few months back when discussions began across the educational community and in my own school about the merits of using the iPad as a primary computing device for studetns in a 1:1 program, I'll admit I was more than a bit skeptical if it was the best way to go. Now, I am an Apple fan myself (I've owned several iPods, I'm on my second iPhone, and I bought a Macbook Air this past spring) but, having worked in a limited way with the iPad, I wasn't convinced it was the best solution for education. Even though many had made a case over the past year or so that the device was made for more than just media consumption, I still found many factors lacking and concerning.

Despite my concerns, I was observing at other schools and reading on blogs and twitter feeds the merits of the iPad. Also, with a limited test deployment at my school, I've seen the fabulous ways that students interact with the device. So, I've challenged myself over the coming weeks and months to take a hard look at the iPad as a serious (and perhaps "game-changing," even though I hate using that term) device for education and how it can be seemlessly integrated into an educational program that involves student inquiry, research and collaboration.

I am writing this post on my iPad, and in follow up posts I will document my explorations (both myself and with my students) on using the iPad in various ways in the educational setting.

Stay tuned.